Meet The Health Hub Family

Jackie Stephens
Myotherapist / Clinic Owner

Originally from Geelong, Victoria, Jackie moved to Port Hedland with her now husband 5 years ago after a few years working in Perth.
Jackie had dreams of providing more health services to the Port Hedland region and seized the opportunity to open a new, modern clinic in the heart of Port Hedland.
As a Myotherapist, Jackie has worked with various sporting clubs and numerous physiotherapist, chiropractors and other expert practitioners throughout Geelong, Perth and Port Hedland.
Jackie enjoys treating all aspects of musculoskeletal health and loves to see people moving well and pain free.

Isabelle Richters

You’ll find the smiling Isabelle on reception during University holidays! Isabelle helps to keep the place in order! Having a keen interest in all aspects of health you will also find her volunteering for the St Johns Ambulance service. This year Isabelle heads into 2nd year medicine studies.

Renee Franklin
Clinical Myotherapist

Renee joins us from Brisbane, Qld following the completion of her Bachelor of Applied Science/ Myotherapy! An avid traveller having lived and worked overseas several times. Renee looks forward to combining her love of adventuring and helping people become pain free! Renee became a Myotherapist because there are so many tools and treatment options available to help people and it’s extremely hands on, which she prefer.

Hannah Williams
Cosmetic Nurse

Hannah grew up in NZ, graduated as a registered nurse in Auckland 2011 and moved to the Gold Coast. She Started her Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing in 2014. Hannah moved to Sydney at the end of 2016, and a year later moved to Port Hedland where she continued to work as a nurse and a Cosmetic Injector.
Hannah’s passion is caring for people and also making people feel their best.

Vicki Baskerville

Vicki joins the team from Perth after completing her Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. She has always had an interest in health, stemming from the previous years living in Port Hedland and owning the health food store now in town. Her passion lies in herbal medicine, using herbs to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal along with an interest in pharmacology, actions of herbs and the emerging clinical research which solidifies how they were originally used in medicine.
When she isn’t in clinic, you may find her wandering the magical forest of the South West of Perth, Climbing a giant hill or wandering dirt tracks searching for wildflowers in her spare time!
Vicki has a strong desire to create a connection with her clients and provide a safe and secure space for her clients to explore the root causes of their condition and have the confidence to make healthy and sustainable change in the long term. She loves to meet new people, learn new things and always keep an open mind.

Jessica Lewis
Pilates Instructor

Happiest when in the ocean, finding clarity & grounding when in the big blue.

After an serious back injury from pushing the body to limits with (…..) exercise routines & a unhealthy mind set about body image resulted in a serious back injury with the body under stress.
It all became so clear that it was my journey to empower others through mindful movements, balance & flow combined with raising the heart rate and a tough burn into loving ones own body and embracing the connection so many of us have lost. Pilates was a game changer, kept her sane, motivated and ….. through the rehabilitation stage & helped her create a dream career allowing her to continue with the strong passion of healing Nourishing & nurturing.

Jess Dyer
Pilates Instructor