Mat Pilates

Pilates strengthens muscles, whilst also improving postural alignment, flexibility and building long lean muscles.

With the amazing instructors from Symmetry & Tide Pilates you will be able to work those smaller muscles you rarely feel and target; they in turn will help to assist any muscle imbalances, as well as helping the major muscles perform at their best. Pilates will surprise you and raise the heart rate, have you sweating, and leave every class with burning muscles. Each exercise in Pilates focuses on engaging your core, and not in your stereotypical sit up manner.

Pilates works the deep abdominals, often neglected but much needed for proper alignment and assist the body in day to day activities. It will even go as far as helping you to excel in any other physical pursuits and will complement any fitness routine.

Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilate friendly classes now available!

Currently our classes run Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday!

We cannot wait to see you in a class with us soon.